Private Hire

For groups, trips and outings, private hire is a great way to plan an event or outing with the flexibility of our own train and timetable!

Private Hire is the perfect way to organise a trip or outing with the total flexibility of being able to plan your own train to your own timetable!

Please see our options below:

Standard Hire Package- £150

-Up to 20 people

-1 Return trip by steam/diesel train

-Up to three hours at Plym Bridge

-Flexible departure times to suit requirements

-Behind the scenes tour

-Look in locomotive cab and meet the driver


-Picnic lunch including sandwich, drink, crisps, chocolate etc £3 each

-Hot Food including main, chips & drink £5 each

Party Room Hire

-1 hour use of railway themed party room before/after trip which can be arranged and decorated to suit £40

-Additional hours £20


-Additional adults £10 each

-Additional children £6 each


Email stating requirements and possible dates and will be more than happy to help

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