Locomotive Roster
Subject to the usual disclaimers. It is expected for the booked locomotives to work the dates outlined below. Please note: All allocations are subject to change at any time.

DateRunning DayBooked Locomotive(s)
12/06/22Red Timetable13002
19/06/22Driver Experience10077
26/06/22Blue Timetable142023
02/07/22Transport Weekend143618, 13002, 10077, 429
03/07/22Transport Weekend
142023, 429, 13002, 10077, Albert
10/07/22Blue Timetable
16/07/22Driver Experience
17/07/22Red Timetable
Albert, 13002
24/07/22Red Timetable13002
30/07/22Driver Experience142023
31/07/22Blue Timetable143618
06/08/22Blue Timetable142/3
07/08/22Red TimetableAlbert, Diesel
13/08/22Blue Timetable142/3
14/08/22Blue Timetable142/3
20/08/22Blue Timetable142/3
21/08/22Red TimetableAlbert, Diesel
27/08/22Blue Timetable143618
28/08/22Driver Experience143618
29/08/22Blue Timetable142/3